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Improvement continued (sometimes almost imperceptibly) as weeks turned into months. A legacy of weakness has remained with me after almost three and a half years. I have always enjoyed walking, but nowadays have had to moderate what I am able to do. The cooler weather best suits me.

I have discovered by trial and error over the seasons that the summer heat reduces my legs to rubber, so my mobility is greatly affected in the warmer months. The rest of the year, I can walk a little but tire easily and have to pace myself as to what can realistically be achieved.

Standing for any length of time is to be avoided. There is a residual weakness which now appears to be permanent. When I’m feeling “strong” in the cooler weather, walking is fun and takes me back to what used to be, but if I do too much my legs ache for the next few days. I am able to drive, which is a further big plus.

Another problem I experienced was finding the right footwear. An orthotist prescribed special shoes with heavy soles. Initially I thought these might work, but they made my feet hot at the best of times and impossible to wear in warmer weather. I visited a podiatrist who suggested insoles and “Naot” sandals. Then I reverted to a type of walking sandal which I had used prior to GBS. I alternate these with good quality sneakers.

Overall, for best comfort and walking, the sneakers are by far the best choice.