'Recovery' Newsletter

Recovery” is sent quarterly to members of the Association. We publish any new developments in GBS or CIDP research. Recent trials in Australia of the medication Fampridine (CIDP related) by the University of NSW in conjunction with the Prince of Wales Hospital, was a recent feature in our newsletter. Conclusions of this particular research should soon be available.

The Association additionally has a Liaison connection with the US based GBS/CIDP Foundation International and also the UK GBS and CIDP support group. This liaison enables the Editor to incorporate with permission, reproductions of articles of important interest and advances into current research, to also highlight any forthcoming trials both in Australia and overseas for CIDP or GBS. Keeping the Australian reader up to date with medical research advances.

On a more immediate and personal level, the newsletter “ Recovery” also features reader’s stories. Reading such personal accounts of how fellow GBS or CIDP'ers met their challenges, comparing their experiences with perhaps our own. How did they manage their worst moments? What were their own positive approaches to their personal challenges? Do they still have some unresolved issues, maybe fatigue, and/or pain, are their stories similar to your own?

The importance of featuring reader stories is a valuable information tool to the understanding of what it is like to have CIDP or GBS. Each story is particular to that person, and yet we who have these conditions share a common bond. We have survived!