Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Mark K 2

I would like to start by sending out a really big thank you to the members and supporters of the Masonic Lodge West Epping who recently donated $1,500.00 to the Association.  To honour this most generous donation the Committee voted last meeting to combine these funds with other donations, both small and large, received from other generous members and supporters of the Association to fund $7,000.00 worth of equipment, for the Ryde Hospital Speech Pathology Department in support of GBS/CIDP patients; equipment they are not able to fund via internal procurement You may recall the Association co-donated a FEES machine to the same team some time ago. You will find an article inside that demonstrates the immense benefits to both staff and patients that have ensured since FEES was introduced.  These results clearly validate our ongoing strategy of building relationships with health teams, identifying shortfalls in equipment they need to provide the very best care to GBS/CIDP patients and working with them to help deliver this equipment and significantly improve patient models of care and outcomes.

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As the news and reaction to the COVID-19 virus changes daily, as you would understand, your association is not able to provide the latest news and advice. However, we can advise members where to go to continue to receive the latest updates rather than follow the story as covered by the media, for daily updates we suggest you visit the NSW Health