Sandra Cluley

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My journey with GBS started nearly 30 yrs ago, as a fit, healthy and sporty 27 yr old, with a bout of influenza nicknamed “the Phillipine Flu” back in August 1983. It took me approx 6 weeks to recover and got back to a normal daily routine although still feeling somewhat tired, with my husband and 2 children aged 5 & 3.

In November, 3 months after the initial onset of the Phillipine Flu, our family went for a family get together on the central coast. On the way home to our home in Richmond NSW, we stopped for some takeaway food for dinner, and almost instantly felt ill. My husband and children were fine, and was only me feeling like this. After reaching home I had what I can only describe as the worst bout of gastroenteritis known to man. I was left so weak my husband had to carry me to the bathroom each time.

I spent the next couple of days developing what I now know as GBS symptoms. The weirdest being that everything tasted like soap that I did try and eat or drink. I was very weak and could barely walk around the house. I had also lost some use of my hands and my skin was so sensitive.

I became scared on the 3rd day and asked a friend to take me to my local GP and didn’t even care that I was in my PJ’s. After checking me over he sent me for blood tests and collapsed on the bed there sobbing sensing that something was terribly wrong. Luckily friends helped with my 2 little ones getting them to and from school and preschool. Our eldest son seemed to sense that something was up and use to come straight to me in bed with a drink when he got home.